Saturday, July 28, 2007

1st Princess... Brittany Wilding

Our neighbors told us about "Little Miss Cherry Days", it is a self esteem pageant that North Ogden puts on for 6 & 7 year old girls. Brittany said she wanted to participate so we signed her up. They had a lot of activities for the girls to participate in, such as, a Mom and Miss Luncheon, Mon and Miss Photo Shoot, and had Miss North Ogden come and speak about self esteem. They also learned some songs and dances that they performed as part of the Little Miss Cherry Days Pageant. In the pageant, they had a contestant interview, Brittany was really cute. They asked her about her and Natalie's rock collection. She did a really good job, so good in fact that the judges voted her the 1st Princess. She was really excited because if for any reason the Queen was unable to fully perform her duties (removed from her position because of a scandal) Brittany would have to step in and fulfill the queens role. JUST KIDDING. As part of her "duties" she participated as a royalty in the Miss North Ogden Pageant. She also was in the Cherry Days Parade and also in the Ogden City Pioneer Day Parade. She will be in the Peach Days Parade in Brigham City, as well as, the Harrisville Parade. She will also act as a mentor to the other girls next year when they hold the Little Miss Pageant. We are really proud of her; she is a wounderful young girl and she does a great job in whatever she does. She hasn't let her new found fame go to her head and is as nice as ever.
Being a princess is hard work!

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Victoria Wilding said...

Great pictures! I loved hearing that she will be at Peach Days too. It sounds like hard work being a princess.